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 MF  BIRLA SL LT ADVANTAGE-D     18.46    (0.25)       BIRLA SL LT ADVANTAGE-G     24.78    (0.33)       BIRLA SUN LIFE FRONTLINE EQUITY FUND-G     183.78    (0.63)       BIRLA SUN LIFE INFRASTRUCTURE FUND-D     15.78    (0.06)       BIRLA SUN LIFE INFRASTRUCTURE FUND-G     28.84    (0.11)       BIRLA SUN LIFE TAX PLAN-D     79.25    (0.38)       BIRLA SUN LIFE TAX PLAN-G     30.98    (0.14)       BIRLA SUN LIFE TAX RELIEF 96-G     24.66    (0.12)       BIRLA SUN LIFE TOP 100 FUND-D     16.6697    (0.0592)       BIRLA SUN LIFE TOP 100 FUND-G     48.2347    (0.1707)       BSL EQT LINKED FMP SER A RET-D     10    (0)       BSL EQT LINKED FMP SER B RET-G     11.8506    (0)       RELIANCE EQUITY OPPORTUNITIES FUND-G     76.0764    (0.4327)       RELIANCE GROWTH FUND-D     69.0575    (0.3054)       RELIANCE GROWTH FUND-G     934.9408    (4.135)       RELIANCE NATURAL RESOURCES RETAIL-D     8.1881    (0.2023)       RELIANCE NATURAL RESOURCES RETAIL-G     8.1881    (0.2023)       RELIANCE VISION FUND-D     44.4691    (0.123)       RELIANCE VISION FUND-G     468.4976    (1.2956)      
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  Welcome to Kapadia Investments  

Our Company is one of India’s premier Investment Advisory and Financial Planning companies.

We offer personalized Investment Advisory and Financial Planning services to individual investors, corporate houses, institutional investors, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and High Net worth Clients, among others.

As one of India’s distributors of financial products, we offer a wide range of investment products such as mutual funds, life and general insurance, bonds, post office schemes, etc. offered by reputed public and private and government organizations.